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Google Feed Errors and Settings Change

Feb 17, 2011

Google appears to not be accepting FTP uploads of data feed files since last night. You may or may not have received an error notice (e.g. "Corrupted data feed line") from Google saying only a small portion of your items were accepted. We are working with Google to resolve this issue. You can follow the ( ) forum for updates if desired. We will resubmit all feeds as necessary once the issue is resolved.

In the meantime, in order for your feed to be processed more reliably, we have found the following settings changes to be necessary. Please update your settings as follows:

  • Log into Google Merchant Center and go to the GMA Product Feeds page.
  • Click "Edit" next to the file name of your feed.
  • Set "Encoding" to "UTF-8"
  • Set "Use Quoted Fields" to "No"
  • Click the "Save Changes" button

If "Use Quoted Fields" was not already set to "No", then you must also modify the corresponding setting in our system.

  • Login to our site
  • Go to "Manage Feed" > "Advanced Settings" for your Google feed.
  • Change "Enclosure" to "None" and click the "Update" button.

The above settings changes will ensure that your feed is processed correctly once the FTP issues are resolved. The above instructions are also on our site here:

What should be my data feed settings in Google Merchant Center?

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