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Configuring Sale Price for Google Shopping

By default, our Google feeds submit the sale-price as the price, and this works for almost all customers since they generally do not use sale-price for specials, but rather for the ordinary, day-to-day pricing. If you are interested in submitting true, advertised sale pricing, please read below.

When using the Google's sale_price attribute, Google has the following requirements:

If you use the sale-price for true, advertised specials, then you can configure your feed to submit the sale-price as described below. Note that this Google attribute is experimental, and it is not yet clear how exactly it is to be used and how it affects your listings in Google. Please use the instructions below only as a guideline.

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Define Fields
  2. Click Edit next to the price field.
  3. Enter regular (without quotes) as the Price Source and click Update.
  4. Click Edit next to the sale_price field.
  5. Enter sale (without quotes) as the Price Source and click Update.
  6. Click Edit next to the sale_price_effective_date field.
  7. Enter the name of a catalog field that contains this information, and click Update.
  8. Resubmit the feed from Tasks > Submit a Task


Google Shopping

Updated: January 18, 2013