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Update Instructions for GoShopping Feed

Mar 12, 2011

GoShopping recently updated their feed format, and we have made the corresponding changes in our system to all existing GoShopping feeds. If you have a GoShopping feed, please take 5-10 minutes to update your GoShopping Merchant account as follows:

  1. Log into our site
  2. Click "Manage" for your GoShopping feed
  3. Click the "10. Download Data Feed File" link
  4. Click the "Regenerate..." link
  5. Click the "Data Feed File" button
  6. When the task completes, click "Download Feed File"
  7. Copy the "File URL" to your clipboard; it will look like this:
  8. Log into GoShopping
  9. Click on the "Products" tab
  10. Paste the file URL into the "Enter your feed file URL" box.
  11. Click the "Add Feed File" button.
  12. You should see the following, green message: "Your feed file has been sent to validation. It will be revised and approved by our team in maximum 12 hours. Once approved you will receive a full report on this section."

Important Notes - Please Read

  • If you find your feed settings already updated, we may have done this for you.
  • GoShopping does not require any FTP settings. They fetch the data feed file from our server via HTTP. Our server simply updates the file according to the update frequency.
  • We set all the GoShopping feeds that were active to Daily update with Auto-Skip Enabled. There is no extra charge for Daily versus less frequent updates, so we recommend this setting to ensure up-to-date listings.
  • Although GoShopping now accepts Google Base format data feed files, we do not recommend and can not support using your existing Google Base feed for GoShopping. Having separate feeds allows the flexibility for us to handle changes in feed specifications and engine-specific technical issues.
  • If you are considering additional data feeds for your store ($4.50/month each), we recommend submitting to the free shopping engines first. The recommended order is below, along with the link to the setup instructions:
    1. Bing Shopping Setup Instructions
    2. TheFind Setup Instructions
    3. GoShopping Setup Instructions

See our recommendations on fee-based shopping engines for more. In the last several months, we have added support for Wishabi-Canada, Pricewatch, Oodle, and Shopmania.

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