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Feed Issue Resolved

Jun 3, 2016

There was a network configuration issue from May 19-23, 2016 that caused a small number of feeds to be partially transmitted. This primarily affected Google Shopping feed files that are large and uncompressed. You may see a drop in your listing count or other submission error during that time-frame.

The issue was corrected by the hosting company on May 23rd, and all the feeds were resubmitted by May 24th.

Unfortunately, with this type of error, it is difficult for our system to detect a problem, because the file appears to have uploaded successfully.

We apologize for this issue.

If you see a drop in your listing count in your Google Merchant Account Diagnostics, please let us know. We can reconfigure your feed as a zip file. Partially transmitted zip files are unlikely to process, leading to a clear error message.

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