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Google Shopping Book by Andy Splichal

May 27, 2020

Andy Splichal, a veteran PPC campaign manager, has just released an informative new book, Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping: Revealing Profits & Strategies.

If you are not already using strategies like segmentation and negative keywords, then you will definitely save more than the cost of this book by reading it and implementing those strategies in your Shopping Campaigns.

What's even better, Andy is allowing you to buy it on Amazon Kindle for a special price of $1.99 (regular $14.95) until June 4th, so he can gather some honest reviews.

I am often asked how to improve Shopping Campaigns, and the above book organizes all the current information into an easy-to-read format, so I highly recommend it. There is even a bonus chapter on the just released free Google Shopping listings!

Bonus Tip: Andy has recently noticed that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many people working on home computers, Bing Ads has provided a surge in profitable traffic to some of his clients. If you are not currently advertising on Bing, you may want to consider setting up a Bing/Microsoft Ads feed.

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