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Feed Errors and BigCommerce Changes

Sep 27, 2019

Feed Errors

Yesterday morning (9/26/2019), we made a system improvement to the website Product List/Search/Detail pages. While the feed is generating the data, the pages will no longer be locked, and you will no longer see partially generated results.

This code change resulted in some feeds where the product data was submitted without any custom code being run. We fixed the issue and resubmitted the feeds later in the day, but due to another minor technical issue, those tasks failed. All feeds with failures have been resubmitted again as of this morning, and are running successfully now. We apologize for any temporary errors or disapprovals this caused. If any, these should be resolved by mid-day today.

There is no need to take any action. This is just an informational notice.

BigCommerce Exporter Change

BigCommerce recently mandated two-factor authentication (via email) for logging into the store administration website. This caused our exporter based on the 'aten' Store Export to stop working. While we already had a replacement API extractor available, feeds needed to be manually updated to use that. We sent notices to customers with active feeds with instructions on how to update the feeds, and those feeds have already been updated. We will be completing the manual updates of any remaining feeds over the next several weeks. The Modify Settings page will be updated to support the new API-based extractor soon.

There is no need to take any action regarding this either. We will notify you separately if your feed needs updating, and again once your feed has been updated. Some good news here is that the API extractor has a number of major benefits:

  • Native variant feed (no custom, multiplication code needed)
  • Data export is much faster and more reliable
  • Feed setup is easier (just install the Aten Software BigCommerce App)

BigCommerce Drops Google Product Search Fields

BigCommerce no longer supports editing of the following Google Product Search fields in the store admin:

  • gps_enabled
  • gps_custom_item
  • gps_gtin
  • gps_mpn
  • gps_gender
  • gps_age_group
  • gps_color
  • gps_size
  • gps_material
  • gps_pattern
  • gps_category

Most customers were not using these fields, so are not impacted at all. For those that were, any data you previously entered is still there and available to the feeds, but there is no way to change the data any more.

As a workaround, you can put the data in a BigCommerce Custom Field and then hide the Custom Field from appearing on your product pages. For details, please see How to Add Custom Fields to a BigCommerce Store.

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