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Hand-picking most profitable items for inclusion in PPC sites

You can use the strategy below to optimize your pay-per-click campaigns.

If you prefer to control the items from your store catalog without having to log into our site, please see the Using your Store's Catalog section in our article on configuring filters.

Set the Filtering Mode

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Advanced Settings.
  2. Set the Product Filters to Include Products Matching the Filters.
  3. Click Update to save the settings.

Include Groups of Items

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Product Filters
  2. Add filters for groups of items you want included in the feed. Examples:
    • product_type contains "best sellers"
    • price greater than 100 (use the number data type)
    • title starts with "Armani"
    • brand equals "Coach"

Include Specific Items

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Search by Keyword.
  2. Type in a portion of the product ID or title, and click the item listing to see the Product Details.
  3. On the Product Details page, click the green plus icon to mark the product for inclusion.
  4. Repeat for each item.

Review the Results

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Product List.
  2. In the Filtering State (Items) drop-down box, select Unfiltered Only to see the items that will be submitted.
  3. Select Filtered Only to see the excluded items.