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How to Filter, Remove, or Exclude by Individual Product

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Click Manage for the desired feed
  3. Click Search by Keyword
  4. Type letters of the product ID or keywords from the title until the product appears in the search results
  5. Click the product in the search results
  6. On the Product Detail page, click the exclude button Exclude Icon at the top of the page. The icon will be disabled if the product is already filtered out.

How it Works

The steps above will automatically add a filter on the product ID, which will remove it completely from the feed file. The product will appear with strike-through text in your account.

To review the filters on the feed, go to Manage Feed > Product Filters.

To remove the filter, click the Include button Include Icon from the Product Detail page, or delete the filter for that product ID from the Product Filters page.


The instructions above are suitable for filtering a handful of individual items in one specific feed. To filter larger number of products, have filters apply to multiple feeds, or filter by rules, refer to our other support articles in this topic.