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How to Filter, Remove, or Exclude a Large Batch of Products by ID

  1. Prepare a list of product IDs in your favorite spreadsheet or text editor
    • Only one identifier is needed per product
    • You can select any identifier field that is added to the feed on the Define Fields page
  2. Ensure that there is one product ID per line
    • Duplicates and blank lines are OK (will be ignored)
    • Product IDs are case-sensitive and should not have any leading or trailing spaces
  3. Select the list of product IDs in your application and copy them to clipboard.
  4. Go to My Account
  5. Click Manage for the desired feed
  6. Click Product Filters
  7. For Criteria, select the identifier field, e.g. 'id', and equals as the comparison operator
  8. Paste the product IDs into the text box
  9. Click the Add Filter button

A separate filter will be created for each ID in the list. You will see a warning for duplicate IDs, and only one filter will be created for that ID.

There is no limit to the number of filters you can add. However, if you have over 5000 filters, the filters page will become difficult to work with. Check the other articles in this topic for better techniques.