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How to Add Custom Fields to a BigCommerce Store

To add custom attributes to a BigCommerce product catalog, you have the four options listed below:

1. BigCommerce Custom Fields

The preferred way to add BigCommerce Custom Fields is to use the built-in Custom Fields feature. There is an easy way to hide BigCommerce Custom Fields from appearing on your product pages.

We can map your Custom Fields to any attribute of the feed. This feature is turned off by default (for performance reasons). If you want the Custom Fields available in your feed, please contact us and we can turn that feature on for you.

2. BigCommerce Meta-Fields

Meta-fields are an ideal way to store extra data in your catalog. You can store data at the product or variant level, or both. Our system can import this data and incorporate it into your feed.

You can search for a Metafield Manager App in the app store to add, view, edit, import, or export BigCommerce metafields. Besides using an app, the only other way to manage these is via the BigCommerce API.

3. Use an Unused Field

You can also enter data into built-in product attributes that you are not likely to use for anything else. Here are some unused field suggestions:

Other Details
Bin Picking Number, Warranty Information, Search Keywords
Accounting Settings
Asset Account Code, Income Account Code, Expense/COS Account Code
Peachtree Fields
General Ledger Account
Google Shopping
Color, Size, Material, Pattern

We can map any of the above fields to any attribute in your feed. For example:

Bigcommerce  => Google Feed Attribute
Color        => custom_label_0
Material     => custom_label_1
Pattern      => custom_label_2

4. Google Sheets

You can set up a Google Sheet (public read-only, unlisted), and add product ID and custom attributes there. With a Custom feed, we can program your feed to incorporate data from the Google Sheet. Please contact us for more information.

5. Private Database

We can also provide you with a private database, where you can directly enter the data. The advantage of this is that the product IDs can be automatically maintained. Please contact us for more information.