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BigCommerce Store API Account Setup (OAuth Token)

If you have Standard feeds, simply Install our App instead of using the instructions below.

Otherwise, if you have a Custom feed that requires additional scopes, you can use these instructions to create an alternate API Token.

  1. Log into your BigCommerce Store Control Panel
  2. Go to Settings > API > Store-level API Accounts (Only Store Owners can see this option.)
  3. Click the "+ Create API Account" button.
  4. For Token Type, select V2/V3 API Token
  5. For Name, enter atensoftware
  6. Under OAuth Scopes, select the following:
    • Information & Settings - Readonly
    • Products - Readonly (or Modify for Custom Product/Inventory update feeds)
    • Sites & Routes- Readonly
    • Store Inventory- Readonly
    Leave all others at None
  7. Click Save
  8. Download the .txt file to your computer
  9. Log in to your Aten Software account, or if you have no account yet, Register an account.
  10. Send the contents of the .txt file using the Secure Login and Password page.