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What data do you import from BigCommerce?

Currently, our system imports all products (along with their variations) returned by the catalog/products API endpoint.

All feed templates are pre-configured with filters to remove hidden and disabled products. Coming soon, hidden and/or disabled products will NOT be imported by our system at all.

Availability (in stock/out of stock) is computed automatically and correctly.

All product data is imported by default, including variants, bulk pricing rules, images, primary image, and custom fields.

Our system is capable of importing a wide variety of additional product-related data for special cases, such as:

  • Product-level meta-fields
  • Variant-level meta-fields
  • Merged value of product-level and variant-level meta-fields
  • All brand information, including brand-level meta-fields
  • Product reviews
  • Price lists
  • Channel assignments
  • Inventory at locations
  • Store currencies
  • Store information