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Where to find your BigCommerce Store Hash

The BigCommerce Store Hash is a unique identifier for your store comprised of a short sequence of lower-case letters and number. It can be found in the URLs assigned to your store by BigCommerce. Read on for two different ways to locate your store hash.

Method 1: BigCommerce Store Hash from Permanent Address (or Temp URL)

  1. Login to your BigCommerce Account Dashboard as the store owner
  2. Click on your Store Name
  3. Scroll down to the Details section
  4. The Permanent Address will be displayed as:
    abcde12345 is the store hash

Method 2: BigCommerce Store Hash from API Path

  1. Log into your BigCommerce Store Control Panel
  2. Go to Advanced Settings > API Accounts
  3. Click the Create API Account button
  4. The API Path will be displayed as: stores/abcde12345/v3/
    abcde12345 is the store hash