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Advantages of our feed vs. the one provided by BigCommerce or Shopify

  • We have over 15 years experience in data feeds, so we have the expertise to get your products listed correctly and in an optimal way.
  • We provide free phone/email support for your feeds, which is especially useful when there are feed errors and when the feed specifications change.
  • Standard feeds include 'Smart' fields, which use our proprietary logic to improve data quality for product_type, GTIN, size, color, etc.
  • With our free Google Shopping Monitoring Service, we email you whenever there is a problem with your listings.
  • We specialize in very large stores, complex stores, and other cases where the built-in or free software does not suffice.
  • You can filter out items with errors to prevent your feed from being disapproved by Google.
  • We offer Google Shopping Categorization Service for an additional fee.
  • We support all the major shopping engines - including Bing Shopping, Facebook Product Ads, and Pinterest Product Ads.
  • We support international feeds with multi-language support and automatic currency conversion.
  • Our feeds are pre-configured with URL tracking codes for Google Analytics.
  • All feeds have a fixed, file download URL. Feeds are in CSV format, easily viewable in Excel/OpenOffice Calc.
  • Our system gives you the ability to customize the feed.
  • You can use our Google Validation Report to quickly view and identify item errors/warnings.
  • We keep track of the results of each feed submission.