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Website URL Verification Tutorial

Mar 25, 2010

Google recently sent an email to merchants with the subject, Action Required: Verify Google Merchant Center Website URL. This is a legitimate notice and represents a welcome change in the way Google verifies that you have control over your domain name. The process is now fully automated, and does not require contacting Google.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few steps, so to ease this process, we have put together a step-by-step tutorial with screen shots. Google is giving you two months to verify your URL. Otherwise, after May 18, 2010, Google will disapprove your listings. The procedure should take 5-10 minutes. Website URL Verification Tutorial for Yahoo Stores

We have received good response to our updated TheFind data feed. For those who are unfamiliar with it, TheFind is a shopping engine with about 5 million unique visitors per month, on par with and Shopzilla. The best part is that just like Google, there is no charge for their merchant program. You would only have to pay for an additional Basic data feed on our system. After April 15th, that will be $4.50/month if you already have other data feeds. This is a great way to promote your Yahoo Store products. See our TheFind Setup Instructions

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