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What are Google's new requirements for unique product identifiers?

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Starting May 3rd, 2011, Google will no longer list items without unique identifiers! See here for details: Changes for Google Shopping Merchants.

Requirements by Category

  • Media (i.e., Music, Movies, Video games) - Requires UPC, EAN, or JAN
  • Books - Requires ISBN
  • Apparel, custom made goods - No identifiers are required at the moment
  • All other categories - At least two of the following three identifiers: UPC (or EAN/JAN), Brand, and MPN.

By supplying the attributes, Google will be able to match your items up with items from other sellers. Your store will appear when shoppers click "Compare Prices" for a particular product.

All Google feeds are pre-configured to obtain the above information from your 'brand', 'manufacturer-part-number', and 'upc' fields in your Yahoo Store Catalog Manager. If your field names are different, you can simply change the settings from the "Manage Feed > Define Fields" page. Otherwise, if you do not have those fields added and populated, continue reading.

More Information

Please refer to the articles below for help on adding these fields to your data feeds.

Once you have added the data to your store catalog, you can request our Data Feed Optimization Service to modify your feed mapping as needed.



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Lasted Updated: October 4, 2013