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How do I set up a GoShopping data feed?

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We no longer support GoShopping feeds because the shopping engine is defunct.

Unlike most shopping engines, GoShopping does not accept files via FTP. Instead, they pull the data feed file from our website via a special data feed file URL.

Create GoShopping Merchant Account

  1. Visit and register for a Merchant account.
  2. Wait for GoShopping to approve your account.
  3. Login to your GoShopping Merchant account and use the provided code to add a logo to your Yahoo Store home page.

Set up Data Feed

  1. Login to our site and add a feed using the GoShopping template.
  2. Enter the objinfo.xml URL and optionally, the catalog.xml URL.
  3. Leave the FTP settings blank
  4. Click 'Update' to save the settings.
  5. Go to "Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File".
  6. Select the "File URL" setting and copy it for later use.
  7. Use the link to generate a data feed file if it does not exist.
  8. Login to your GoShopping Merchant account and go to the "Products" tab.
  9. Paste the File URL in the "Enter your feed file URL" box, and click "Add Feed File" button.
  10. You should see a green message asking you to allow 12 hours for the feed to be approved.

Verify Approval

  1. After 12-24 hours, log back into your GoShopping Merchant account
  2. Go to the "Products" tab.
  3. Check the "Products Status" section to see if the products are approved.
  4. Allow several additional days for all products and images to appears in search results.
  5. If your products are not approved, please contact GoShopping for assistance.


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Lasted Updated: July 18, 2012