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Improved Validation Report

Nov 26, 2011

We have vastly improved the 'Google Feed Analysis' report and renamed it to the 'Validation Report'. This new report summarizes all the issues (errors and warnings) in your feed. It currently only works for Google feeds.

With each issue, there is a link to view all the items with that issue, or view information on how to resolve the issue. Additionally, the product list has a new drop-down to filter the list by item error or warning. When you view a product detail page, you can see all the detailed error messages and warnings that apply to the item.

The new validation system uses two (disabled) fields that have been added to all Basic Google feeds, item_errors and item_warnings. If you want to prevent items with errors from being submitted to Google, please follow the instructions here.

If you were using the 'is-google-acceptable' field for this purpose, you do not need to take any action. We will be deleting this field and replacing it with a filter on the 'item_errors' field in approximately one week. The 'item_errors' field is more accurate than 'is-google-acceptable'.

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