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Google 'product_type' Attribute

Feb 12, 2012

We have enhanced the Yahoo Store to Google Product Search feeds to allow more configuration options for the 'product_type' attribute.

By default, this attribute is set to the Yahoo Path. Now, you can override this value with the data from any of the fields in your store catalog by simply specifying the catalog field name.

While it is not necessary to make any changes, a properly specified google_product_category and product_type may improve your results. For more information, see here:

Google Product Category and Product Type attributes

Did you know we can submit your feed Daily for no extra charge as compared to less frequent submissions? Did you also know that a daily submission may improve your ranking? If your feed is not set to run Daily, we recommend you change the scheduling using the instructions below.

What is the 'Daily Plus' Update Frequency option?

Did you know that if your Google feed has a large number of items with errors, all your listings could be suspended by Google?

It is important to either exclude those items from the feed, or correct the errors. Our new Google Feed Validation report makes this easy. This will show you the errors and warnings in your feed, which if corrected, will boost the number and quality of your listings. See the link below for more information.

Exclude or Filter Out Items That Do Not Meet Google Requirements

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