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Free Google Monitoring and New Pricing

Mar 15, 2012


Reduce lost sales with our product count monitoring service for Google Product Search, now available free of charge!

Our system will check your product count of actively listed items each day, and send you an email if it drops below a threshold you specify. This will give you quick notice about any item disapprovals or errors, and help you reduce potentially costly downtime.

See here for our new, simplified feed monitor setup instructions.


We have not raised our pricing for two years, and in that time, we have added essential features to your service. Here is a short list of enhancements:

  • Google feed validation report
  • Daily plus feed submission
  • Revamped website
  • Much faster feed processing
  • Platform support for AspDotNetStorefront and Magento, with more on the way
  • More data feed templates
  • Source data analysis report
  • 100s of other improvements

As you know, Google feed requirements have gotten much more complex and demanding. Your monthly service charge includes automatic upgrades of all your feeds to the latest specifications. You are also entitled to email and telephone support, where we strive for same-day response.

To keep up with the pace of change and continue improving our service, we are increasing our monthly feed pricing effective April 15, 2012. Also, our "Basic Data Feed" is now called the "Standard Data Feed", and "Advanced Data Feed" is renamed to "Custom Data Feed", to better indicate their purpose.

  • First Standard Data Feed - $16.50 / month
  • Each Additional Standard Data Feed - $5.40 / month
  • First Custom Data Feed - $25.50 / month
  • Each Additional Custom Data Feed - $14.40 / month

Effective immediately, our pricing for optional/one-time services has also been modified, with lower pricing for data feed optimization and some additions to our service. For complete details, please see our feed service pricing page.

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