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Google Feeds Disapproved Error

Sep 17, 2012

Due to an error in the Google feeds from our system, your Google feed may have been disapproved since Saturday morning, 9/15/2012, around 10 AM EST. We corrected the error and resubmitted all the Google feeds this morning, 9/17/2012, around 10 AM EST. There is no need to take any action; we are just giving you notice.

The error was introduced due to upgrades we are making to support more platforms. In this case, the sale_price field in the Google feeds was inadvertently set to "0" instead of being left blank. This caused the items to be disapproved because Google does not allow listings of free items.

All Google feeds have corrected and resubmitted, and should be "Awaiting Review" at this time. They should become "Active" again within about 24 hours. Check the Products Overview graph in your GMA Diagnostics for the current status.

We apologize for this error. To avoid this error in the future, we have added a validation rule to check if the sale price is zero in Google feeds. We have also issued a Courtesy Credit to your account for three days worth of monthly service fees for all Google feeds active over the weekend.

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