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Product Catalog Tips for BigCommerce Google Shopping Optimization

We have many customers who have been migrating their product catalogs from other e-commerce platforms to BigCommerce. We also have many customers who are adding their products to Google Shopping for the first time. Based on our experience setting up optimized Google Shopping feeds for our customers, here are some tips on how to enter your product data into your BigCommerce product catalog.

  • Enable all products for Google Shopping
  • Fill in any google shopping specific attributes like color, size, age_group, gender, material, and pattern, that apply to the parent item.
  • Enable all categories for Google Shopping
  • Assign each category to the appropriate Google Product Search category (not needed if you use our categorization service)
  • Migrate sizes and colors of each item as options of the BigCommerce items. It does not matter if every item gets its own option set. Here are the important points:
    • Option display name must be 'Color' or 'Size' (or whatever applies)
    • Sizes and colors need to be added in the correct order
    • Generate a variant SKU for each variation (From the options tab, there is a button to auto-generate the SKUs. You can tell it how to generate the variant SKUs, or let it auto-generate variant SKUs.) If variant SKUs are not generated, our Standard feed will not generate the variations (a Custom feed can be used).
    • Enter a variant-specific UPC and/or MPN for each variant.


Migrating from other platforms is tricky, and we do not recommend using a free tool to do it. Instead, we recommend Cart2Cart as a shopping cart migration service. They have been doing migrations for many years, and we have seen our customers successfully use their services.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.