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Feed file name is not unique - Google Merchant Center Error Solved

If you have a multi-client Google Merchant Center account, data feed file names must be unique across each sub-account. Otherwise, when you try to create the feed, you will see the error message: Feed file name is not unique.

To solve this problem, simply make up a different file name for each sub-account when you create the feeds. For example, you can set up file names like,,, etc. Then, in our system, update the File Name setting under Manage Feed > Modify Feed Settings for each Google data feed. Now, each feed will be uploaded with the correct file name.

File names are case-sensitive, so be sure they match exactly. If the file name that is uploaded does not exactly match the registered file name, you will get an email from Google similar to the one below:

Subject: Google Merchant Center problem with data feed file: "GoogleBase.txt"
On February 12, 2012 1:01:01 AM PST you uploaded to Google Merchant Center via FTP a file named "GoogleBase.txt", but you don't have a data feed registered with this name. Please verify that you provided the correct file name, including correct capitalization.


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Lasted Updated: December 28, 2017