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Shopzilla Feeds Upgraded

Nov 10, 2012

For our customers with feeds to Shopzilla, we have upgraded your Shopzilla feeds to the latest specifications. We carried over any filters and feed settings you had customized. The new file is uploaded as a zip file.

This upgrade does not require any action on your part. The updated feeds will be submitted tomorrow morning. Please let us know if you have any issues with your Shopzilla product listings.

If you have a Custom Shopzilla feed, no changes were made to your feed at this time. Please contact us to request a manual upgrade.

The new feed format contains a host of new fields, like MPN, Additional Image URLs, Original Price, Gender, Age Group, Size, and Color. A special category ID is no longer required. Instead, you can submit whatever category information you have in your store. If you would like us to optimize your feed, consider purchasing an optimization request for a $49 one-time fee.

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