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Google Shopping Optimized Bidding by Price Range

Dec 20, 2012

Are you bidding the same price for clicks on your $10.00 items as your $200.00 items? If you bid too high, it may be too costly to sell the $10.00 item, and if you bid too low, you may miss sales opportunities on the $200.00 item.

Our new Google Shopping Price Breaks Setup is an easy optimization that will let you customize your bid by the price range of your products. This can significantly lower your conversion cost and improve your return on investment (ROI) in Google Adwords Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

Tell us your CPC bids by price range, and we'll set up your feed and Product Listing Ads campaign accordingly. Click the link below to submit your request.

Request Google Shopping Price Breaks Setup for $20.00

You can also set this up on your own for free by using the following, step-by-step instructions:

Using price breaks to increase your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) ROI

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