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Google Shopping Free Listings Ended

Oct 22, 2012

On October 17th, Google officially terminated free listings on Google Product Search. The easiest way to list your items in Google Shopping now is via Product Listing Ads, which are pay-per-click ads automatically generated from your product data feed to Google Merchant Center.

Setting up Product Listing Ads is easy, just go to GMA Product Feeds in your Google Merchant Center account, and click the blue button that says Set up Product Listing Ads. (If you have multiple stores, do it from the parent account level.) Follow the wizard to set your daily bid, daily budget, and Adwords billing settings.

You can bid as little as $0.01 per click, so we recommend all merchants to continue listing their items in Google Shopping.

Please call Adwords directly at 1-800-919-9922 for free setup support. If you need someone to manage your Product Listing Ads, please consider CPC Strategy or WordWatch.

Please note that the performance graph displayed in your GMA Diagnostics may be out-of-date and/or inaccurate. Check your Adwords account for the latest click statistics for your Product Listing Ads campaign.

Radio Show Transcript and Podcast

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For our non-US customers, you can now enter international addresses and time zones in your account profile. Our website will display times in the time zone that you select.

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