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Title Length for SEO: Importance of the 70 character limit for Google

NEW: These recommendations have been updated in 2024 to reflect Google's change in recommendations to use all 150 characters, but put the most important keywords in the first 70 characters.

According to Google's Product Feed Specifications, the 'title' attribute has a maximum length of 150 characters. Title's over that length are truncated automatically, and a warning is shown in Diagnostics.

Our system automatically truncates titles over 150 characters on a word boundary, in most cases.

Google search results only display about 70 characters or less of the titles, because products with long titles are not as user-friendly. Nevertheless, Google recommends using all 150 characters of the title. Just be aware that the words after 70 characters may not be considered as relevant for search, and will not be displayed in search results.

You may still want to keep page titles under 70 chars for general Search Engine Optimization for Google's organic search ranking.

If your product titles are excessively long, we can program your (Custom) feed so that all the titles are limited to a 70 character title length by truncating long titles at a word boundary. However, we generally do not recommend this. The loss of visibility penalty due to the lack of important title keywords is typically greater than the minor ranking penalty due to having more than 70 characters. Keywords in the title are very critical to getting your products to show up for particular searches.