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How to Set Up a Feed & Shopping Campaign with Bids by Product Price


Are you bidding the same price for clicks on your $10.00 items as your $200.00 items? If you bid too high, it may be too costly to sell the $10.00 item, and if you bid too low, you may miss sales opportunities on the $200.00 item.

This easy optimization will let you customize your bid by the price range of your products, allowing you to submit your whole catalog of products to Google Shopping. This can significantly lower your conversion cost and improve your return on investment in Google Ads Shopping Campaigns (previously known as Adwords or Product Listing Ads (PLA)).


Our Google Shopping feeds include a free feature to define price breaks, also known as 'ranges', 'brackets', or 'buckets'. The price break values will be placed in one of the custom_label_X fields. You can use this setting to set up product groups that target different price ranges. In this way, you can set lower bids for lower priced items, and higher bids for higher priced items.

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Go to Manage Feed > Define Fields for your Google Shopping feed
  3. Click Edit for the custom_label_0 field, or any other unused custom_label_X field
  4. Enter your price break points in the Price Breaks input box. Separate each one with a comma (and optional spaces).
    custom_label_0 Price Breaks set to 50,200,9999
    custom_label_0 values will be 50.00, 200.00, and 9999.00
    Ranges will be $0.01 - $50.00, $50.01 - $200.00, and $200.01 - $9999.00
    NOTE: Any settings for Default Value and Catalog Field will be ignored. Refer to the instructions on the Add or Modify Field page for details.
  5. Make sure your highest price break is greater than your highest priced item.
  6. Go to the Manage Feed page and click the Submit button
  7. Wait for the feed to be resubmitted and Google to process the update. Depending on the size of the feed, it could be a few minutes to a few hours.
  8. Log into your Google Ads account
  9. Under your Google Shopping campaign in the left side-bar, select the ad group that you want to customize.
  10. Click on the Product groups tab
  11. Hover your mouse over the All products product group, and click the pencil icon that appears
  12. Select Custom label 0 in the Subdivide All products by: drop-down box
  13. Click the bulk add values manually link
  14. Enter each price break value, e.g. 50.00, on a separate line. The price break value must have two decimal places, and must not have any double quotes or commas.
  15. Click the Add values button
  16. Click the Save button.
  17. The new product groups will appear in the list. Click the Max. CPC box next to each group, and enter your maximum cost-per-click bid for the price range.
  18. If you follow the example above, you will have three new product groups as follows:
    • 50.00
    • 200.00
    • 9999.00
  19. Make sure to set an appropriate bid for the Everything else in 'All Products' product group. For example, you can set the bid to $0.01 (or anything less than or equal to the bid on your lowest product group). This is a catch-all rule that ensures all your items have a bid, in case you ever add items with prices outside the ranges that you set up.