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Factors that affect ranking in Google Shopping

There are many factors that affect ranking, performance, or clicks that you get from Google Shopping. Listed below is not meant to be an exhaustive or accurate list. Google's algorithms are secret, and below is simply our best guess based on Google's recommendations and other Internet chatter.

Factors That You Control

  • Product titles and descriptions
  • The amount of your bid, daily budget, and other Adwords settings
  • Submitting all other, relevant product data
  • Submission frequency (daily is best)
  • Site uptime and load time
  • Completeness and accuracy of the product data
  • Following Google content policies
  • Following Google quality guidelines
  • Following Google editorial guidelines

Factors Out of Your Control

  • Competition from other merchants
  • Google's ranking algorithm, which is constantly being changed
  • Customer demand for your products
  • Customer demand for Google and Google Shopping
  • How much Google promotes Product Search