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How do I optimize my keywords for Google Shopping?

Quick Tip: Optimize the first 70 characters of the title, and the first 140 character of the description for best results. Describe the item accurately and concisely within that limit with all relevant keywords for the item.

Because Google’s search algorithms are secret, there is no guaranteed way to improve your visibility and ranking in the search results. Furthermore, as the algorithms change over time, your visibility and ranking will also change over time. The following are only general techniques to improve your search engine ranking for Google Shopping.

The closer your product descriptions and titles match the keywords that people are typing into the search box, the higher the resulting listing. Keyword order and spelling are important. Matches in titles rank higher than matches in descriptions. On your site’s product pages, text size, placement, and contrast affect the importance of the keywords. (Hidden text in meta tags is generally ignored.) These guidelines are not absolute.


Target Keywords
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  • Keywords are the first words in the title and description.
  • Keyword spelling matches exactly, including punctuation and plurality (case does not matter).
  • Keyword order matches exactly.
  • Keywords are repeated in the description multiple times, with variations.
  • Use the suggestions that pop-up when you search in Google to determine the correct keywords to target. The most popular keyword phrases appear higher.
  • Longer keyword phrases (i.e. the most specific ones) have the highest conversion rates.