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Product Tagging Tool for your Yahoo Store Products

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We can set up a Custom feed for you that makes it easy to assign attributes like color, size, gender, etc. to all your items at once. This feed provides you with an HTML page of your product images with text boxes where you can enter the information. From within the same page, you can generate a CSV file with the data you entered for direct upload into your Yahoo Store Catalog Manager.

Product Tagging Tool Sample - Click to view an example of how it works. Firefox is Required

This tool is set up as a Custom feed in your account. Note that you can delete the feed from your account once you are done using it.

Time-saving Features

  • Quickly assign required Google attributes to each item
  • View item images when entering information
  • Keystroke to convert to title case
  • Keystroke to look up Google product category
  • Pre-filled drop-downs for gender and age-group

Usage Instructions

  1. (Optional) Set up product filters to limit the number of items.
  2. Go to Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File
  3. If needed, refresh the file
  4. Click the View as HTML button
  5. Enter the data for each product in the text boxes
  6. Click the "Download as CSV" button
  7. Upload the resulting CSV file to your Yahoo Store
  8. Return to Step 1 and repeat for additional items. Data you have already entered will be pre-filled.

Filtering Instructions

Change the 'mode' to 'Include products matching the filters' from the Manage Feed > Advanced Settings page.

Now, only products matching all the filters will be included, and all others will be excluded. For example, you can add a criteria that says 'brand' contains 'Nike'. That way, only items with 'Nike' in the 'brand' will be included. Once you work on those items, you can move onto another brand.

Working in Batches

To avoid losing work due to mistakes like accidentally closing the browser window, we recommend working in small batches of 50-100 items. This will also ensure faster performance. Note that you can upload and commit multiple batches of updates before republishing your store.

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Product Filters
  2. Delete any previously existing row_number filters.
  3. Select the row_number field, is less than operator, enter 1 in the box, and click Add Filter.
  4. Select the row_number field, is greater than or equal to operator, enter 100 in the box, and click Add Filter.
  5. Refresh the feed and now the tool should contain only items 1 through 99.
  6. Repeat the steps above for the next range of items.

Saving your Work

There is no mechanism to save your work and come back later. If you close your browser, all the work will be lost. You must click Download CSV and save the resulting file to your desktop and upload it into the store to save your work. The next time you publish the store and refresh the feed, all the data you had uploaded into the store will be pre-filled in the tool, and then you can continue where you left off.

So the procedure looks like this:

Refresh Feed - View as HTML - Data-entry - Download CSV - Upload to Yahoo - Commit - Publish - REPEAT

Multiple Users

In order for multiple people to work on different parts of the spreadsheet at one time, I suggest setting up the filters for different item groups for each user, e.g. 1-99, 100-199, 200-299. After setting up the filters, each user would then click Download instead of View as HTML. The HTML file would be saved to the desktop, and then each user can open that file from their desktop to view and work on their file independently.