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Amazon Product Ads SFTP Update

Sep 19, 2013

We have implemented support for SFTP uploads to Amazon Product Ads.

However, automated uploads are still non-functional due to multiple technical problems with Amazon's SFTP servers. We have submitted technical feedback to Amazon to help them resolve the problems, but otherwise, we just have to wait until they sort things out.

The last successful feeds were submitted on Friday, 9/13/2013. If you feel you need to submit a feed update, you can do so by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to Aten Software and log in as you normally would
  2. Go to My Account > Manage Feed for your Amazon Product Ads feed
  3. Click the Refresh button
  4. When the task finishes, click the Manage Feed link
  5. Click the Download button and save the feed file to your computer.
  6. Go to and log in as you normally would.
  7. Select Inventory > Add Products via Upload
  8. Open the drop down menu and select Amazon Product Ads tab-delimited (.txt)
  9. Click the Browse button and select the feed file on your computer
  10. Click on the Upload now button

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