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Archived News for 2013

Amazon Product Ads Action Required - Sep 22, 2013
Due to continued failures of Amazon Product Ads SFTP servers, we have decided to switch everyone over to Amazon MWS (Merchant Web Services) to submit the feeds. First, follow the instructions to give us access to upload your Amazon feed via Amazon MWS Make note of your Merchant ID and... Read More
Amazon Product Ads SFTP Update - Sep 19, 2013
We have implemented support for SFTP uploads to Amazon Product Ads. However, automated uploads are still non-functional due to multiple technical problems with Amazon's SFTP servers. We have submitted technical feedback to Amazon to help them resolve the problems, but otherwise, we just... Read More
Amazon Product Ads changed to SFTP - Sep 18, 2013
Amazon Product Ads discontinued their FTP server on Sept. 14th and converted it to SFTP, apparently without any advance notice. We are working on implementing SFTP capability, and should have it implemented by tomorrow. In the meantime, Amazon has asked you to reset your FTP... Read More
Product Count Monitoring for Google Shopping - Sep 17, 2013
This post is to inform you that our Product Count Monitoring service for Google Shopping feeds is no longer available. Google no longer allows anyone access to the search functions that were used for this service, so we are no longer able to offer it. Product Count Monitoring was an... Read More
Gift Certificates Causing Google Suspensions - Sep 5, 2013
Google Shopping does not allow the listing of gift certificates and services. Some of our clients' feeds have been suspended in the last few days due to the inclusion gift certificates. If you have any gift certificates or other services in your product feed, please contact us and we can... Read More
Google FTP Server Update can be disregarded - Aug 23, 2013
You may have received an email from Google with subject, Google Merchant Center FTP Server Update. There is no need to take any action. We upload to the host name,, without any firewall in between, so any IP address changes they make do not affect your feeds. On... Read More
Google Feed Upgrade Completed - Jul 10, 2013
This is a quick note to let you know that all feeds to Google Shopping have been upgraded to the latest specifications. This includes Standard and Custom feeds for all platforms. There is no need to take any action. Just reply if you notice any issues. The fields listed below have been... Read More
Google Feed Upgrade and Other Announcements - Jul 2, 2013
Google Feed Upgrade All Google feeds will be upgraded in the next few weeks with the specialized attributes listed below. Most merchants will not have to take any action. identifier_exists - If you have previously obtained an exemption from the identifiers requirement, then you will... Read More
Google Shopping Presentation and FTP Server Update - Mar 6, 2013
I gave a presentation on Google Shopping Strategies this afternoon that you may find interesting. You can read the presentation slides and notes on our website: Google Shopping Strategies Presentation. This webinar was hosted by 1Choice4YourStore's Group SEO Coaching program. You may... Read More
Google Taxonomy Update - Jan 25, 2013
Google made major revisions to their US product taxonomy last night. Many google product categories were deleted, and new ones added. Our system flagged the items with deleted categories as errors this morning. If your feed is configured to filter items with errors, then those listings... Read More
Product Categorization Service - Jan 1, 2013
We now have the ability to individually categorize your products for each shopping engine. For an additional fee, you can let us do this time-consuming categorization work for you. You can benefit from better results and peace of mind knowing that your products are categorized... Read More