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Monitoring for Google Shopping and Feed Safeguard

Jan 16, 2014

We are excited to announce two, awesome new features, both free!

First is our re-released and improved monitoring service for Google Shopping.

This service will check your Google Merchant Account for the number of active product listings every day, and email you if the number goes below a minimum that you specify.

Why do you need this service? Our service detects disapproved item listings! Google does not always notify you about these disapprovals, potentially causing important listings to drop off Google Shopping.

Learn more about Feed Monitoring for Google Shopping

Second is our new Feed Safeguard feature.

This feature prevents your feed from being submitted or refreshed if the number of listings is below the Minimum Listing Requirement setting. This feature prevents unexpected issues from causing all your listings to be removed from the shopping engines.

Learn more about Feed Safeguard

Both of these features are free and available for all feeds immediately! Follow the links above to learn more about how to enable these features.

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