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10th Anniversary Special - Two Months Free Trial

Jan 30, 2014

** This offer expired on 12/31/2014. **

We have been submitting feeds continuously since 2004. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are offering all new customers two months of free service!

When you sign up, your account will start off with a free trial credit of $33.00, which is good for two months of Standard feed service for your first feed.

Aten Software's data feed service started out as a single Perl script written for a new Yahoo Store merchant. At the time, listing in Froogle (now called Google Shopping) was free, and it was a simple and easy way to drive some free traffic to a new store.

Realizing the usefulness of this for other Yahoo Store merchants, and a month of programming later, Somacon's Data Feed Service was born. This was a website where Yahoo Store merchants could register an account and a feed, and start having their listings submitted for them automatically every day. This service was reorganized under Aten Software in 2006.

In the past 10 years, that basic concept has been extended to support over 20 shopping engines and 7 store platforms. We now submit over 6 million unique listings every day. One out of every 200 listings in Google Shopping was listed there via our software.

The feed service still requires no contract, includes free and responsive phone and email technical support, and there is no extra charge for the number of products in your store.

Register for an Account Today!

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