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Can I include external inventory data into my data feed?

Some Yahoo Stores track their inventory or stock status in an external database, which stores the product code/ID and inventory count for each product. For these stores, we have the capability to read that data and include it in your data feed. This allows you to set the quantity attribute with accurate data, or set the availability attribute to out of stock. Typically, we just add a filter to remove the out of stock items from the feed, i.e. where quantity on hand is zero or less.

We can integrate with the following inventory tracking systems:

This feature requires a Custom data feed. Please let us know where your inventory database is located, and we can give you a quote for the setup.

The inventory is fetched every time your feed is refreshed or resubmitted, ensuring accurate stock data. We can set up your feed to run more frequently than once per day if desired, or to a customized schedule.

Note: Non-orderable and zero-priced items are not imported into our system, so there is no need to filter those items.


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Lasted Updated: February 21, 2015