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Power Tips for Yahoo Store Merchants

Videos on how to use Catalog Manager

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so certainly, a video could be worth 10,000. Our friends over at 1Choice4YourStore have put together some awesome Yahoo Store Help Videos on how to make the most of the Database Upload feature of the Yahoo Store Catalog Manager. Spend a couple hours watching these videos and it could save you days of tedious work in the Store Editor!

iMacros Add-on for Firefox

You can automate your busy-work with the iMacros Add-on for Firefox. After installing it, press F8 to see sample macros and play/record buttons in a side-bar. Then, click Record to record your actions. When you're done recording, click the Play button to play back your actions. It will save you a lot of time on some repetitious tasks!. For example, you can set up automatic addition of property fields to Yahoo Legacy store items.

Tip: To work with the Yahoo Store Editor, switch the mode from 'html tag' to 'x/y' before recording. After recording your actions, delete the GOTO URL line and then replace the form and attr lines with the '*' symbol. You may have to create multiple macros depending on the position of the buttons on various types of pages, e.g. pages with multiple products per page vs. pages with a single item.


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Lasted Updated: February 29, 2020