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Matching Yahoo UPS Ground Shipping Rates to Google Shipping Rates

In Yahoo Store Shipping Settings, found under Store Manager > Shipping Manager > Ship Rates, it is possible to set up a UPS Ground Carrier-Calculated rate in addition to a Percentage of order total amount. The two amounts are combined to compute the final shipping charge for an order.

In Google Merchant Center Shipping Settings, it is NOT possible to set up a carrier rate and add a percent of order total to it. To solve this problem of adding multiple rates together in Google Shipping Settings, read on.

As a workaround, you can create multiple carrier rates for each order price level. For example, if you charge the UPS Ground carrier rate plus 5% of the order total, then you create the following rate:

  • Rate Name: UPS Ground $0.01-$20
  • Rate Type: Carrier Rate
  • Service: UPS Ground
  • Fixed Markup: $1.00

The above rate would be assigned in the Shipping Rate Table by Order Price to order price levels from $0.01 to $20.00. Five percent of $20.00 is $1.00, so that upcharge covers all order prices from $0.01 to $20.00.

Note that Google requires the shipping rates to be higher than or equal to the actual rate charge by your store.

You would continue adding rates like this up through your highest product amount. The next one might look like this:

  • Rate Name: UPS Ground $20.01-$40
  • Rate Type: Carrier Rate
  • Service: UPS Ground
  • Fixed Markup: $2.00 (five percent of $40)

Here is a screen shot showing a sample of how it would look:
UPS Ground Carrier Rate Plus Percent of Order Total in Google Shipping Settings

The more price levels you add, the more accurate your rates will be, but it will take more time to set up.


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Updated: October 13, 2020