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How do I add custom fields to my Yahoo Store?

You can easily add custom fields to your Yahoo Store catalog in order populate item-specific values. Check out the excellent video by 1choice4yourstore, Yahoo Store Database Uploads Video Tutorial, for a helpful overview. You can also refer to the Adding, editing, and removing attributes from tables instructions and contact Yahoo Store technical support for further assistance.

How to Add a Custom Attribute

  1. Log into your Yahoo Store Manager
  2. Go to Catalog Manager > Products tab > Manage Tables
  3. Select your product table using the Manage table drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Add New Attributes link to the far right of the the Custom Attributes heading.
  5. In the Add New Attribute dialog box, enter the following:
    • Attribute Name: my-custom-field
    • Format: text
    • Leave the Required checkbox unchecked.
    • Leave the Default Value field blank.
    • Leave the Description field blank.
  6. Click Add
  7. If you get an error like, 2000 : Invalid attribute name. 'upc' is a reserved attribute name, then click the Add New Attributes link to the far right of the the Shopping Attributes heading instead. You will be able to check the fields you want to add. Generally, do not make them required and do not enter any default value.

Suggested Fields to Add

The fields below can be added as 'Shopping Fields' to the table in Yahoo Store Catalog Manager. The fields in bold are pre-configured in our Google feeds.

  • product-url
  • manufacturer
  • yshopping-category
  • merchant-category
  • brand
  • upc
  • manufacturer-part-number
  • condition
  • ypath
  • color
  • yahoo-shopping-category
  • ean
  • promo-text
  • classification
  • in-yshopping
  • model-number
  • gender
  • age-range
  • age-group
  • size
  • style-number
  • msrp
  • medium
  • isbn
  • style

We recommend adding the following custom fields in the 'Custom Fields' section of the table, when applicable:

  • google-product-category
  • google-shipping
  • google-tax
  • google-online-only
  • google-condition

Populating the Fields

After adding the custom fields, use the Yahoo links below for instructions on how populate the data using Excel or OpenOffice Calc.


Turbify (Yahoo) Store Help

Updated: April 30, 2021