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How do I find an item by ID in my Yahoo Store?

  1. Log into your Yahoo Store.
  2. Go to the Store Editor.
  3. Click red arrow on the far right on the Store Editor Toolbar to switch it to Advanced mode.
  4. Click the Controls button in the Store Editor Toolbar.
  5. Under Store Editor Setting, change the Show Find Button setting to Yes.
  6. Click Update.

You will now have a Find button on your Store Editor Toolbar that will let you find items by typing in their product ID. This is helpful for quickly finding specific items, such as discontinued items or items with missing information.

Other Yahoo Store Editor Search Methods

You can also find the item by looking through the Contents, but this can be time-consuming.

On the Controls page, there is also a Search function that allows you to search your entire store by Code, Name, Caption, Abstract, Contents, Headline, or Ship-weight. The search option can be 'exact match', 'is empty', 'is non-empty', or 'contains'. For details, refer to the Yahoo Store Editor Variables Guide.


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Updated: February 28, 2018