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Google Feed Warning: Value too long in attribute: id

Google limits the 'id' attribute to 50 characters. This took effect on September 30th, 2014.

Under Manage Feed > Google Validation Report, you will see an error for the items with 'id' over fifty characters.

This problem primarily affects Yahoo Stores. Here are various options for resolving this issue.

The best option is for us to convert your long IDs to a short, unique, hash code in your feed. We can enable this option upon request.

One option is to simply filter the items with errors out of the feed.

Firstly, truncating the IDs does not work, because it could result in duplicate IDs.

For Yahoo Stores, another solution is to use the 'code' field as the ID instead of the product ID. You can use the Manage Feed > Analyze Source Data to view an analysis of your 'code' field. If it contains no duplicates or values over 50 characters, then it can be simply configured as the field name on the Manage Feed > Define Fields > Edit 'id' page. For other store platforms, you could select another suitable field with unique, short value, like 'entity_id' or 'productcode'.

A hybrid option might be to truncate the ID and append a unique code, but then this derived ID might change over time, and that may cause problems for reporting. We do not offer this option.

A final option may be for you to change the ID of the item in your store. We may offer one or more of the other options as a temporary fix, or if you have too many items to fix.

How to Change a Yahoo Store Product ID

Yahoo provides no mechanism to allow you to change the ID of an item.

You must create a new item with the new ID, copy over the product data and images from the old item to the new item manually, and then delete the old item. At the same time, you should create 301 redirects from the old product URLs to the new product URLs. This ensures that inbound links do not get broken and you do not lose any organic ranking in search engines.

You may be able to change the IDs in a batch. First, download a CSV file of your products with long IDs from Catalog Manager. Then, change the IDs and upload the file back to create the new items. Next, download the images for the old items and save them with the ID of the new item. You can use multiple image upload to upload the images into the new item. We do not provide support for Yahoo Store, so please contact Yahoo Support for more information. You can also use the links below as a starting point:


Turbify (Yahoo) Store Help

Updated: December 8, 2014