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BigCommerce to Google Shopping Product Feed Service

Get listed higher in Google Shopping
and boost your sales!

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4.6★ Customer Reviews · 19 yrs experience · One Month Free Trial, then $24.90 / month

We submit the product listings from your BigCommerce store to Google Merchant Center on a Daily basis for a flat monthly rate.

We also support other channels like Bing Shopping (Microsoft Ads), Facebook/Instagram Product Ads, and Pinterest Product Ads.

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Special Features of our BigCommerce Feed Service

  • Meta fields available for mapping
  • Accurate multi-currency pricing
  • Preservation of product IDs when you switch from another feed provider
  • App-less installation available if needed
  • Single variant per product option (lowest-cost, in-stock variation is submitted for each product)
  • Price lists supported
  • Product custom fields available for mapping
  • Inventory Sync Custom feeds available

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Higher Data Quality means Higher Rankings and more Sales

We closely follow all the latest Google Product Feed Specifications, so you don't have to.

Take advantage of our Free Trial to see the following benefits before you buy:

  • List more active products
  • Have fewer diagnostics errors
  • Have fewer diagnostics warnings
  • More data fields filled in
  • More data fields with correctly formattted data
  • Reliable, daily feed updates
  • Access to a feeds expert for tough questions

We switching to our feed service from another provider, we take care to preserve your product IDs to maintain sales, click, and performance history tracked by Google.

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Actual Before and After

Google Diagnostics Before and After Optimization

This customer with listings in multiple countries switched from another feed provider in July 2023 and immediately saw improved data quality with our Google Feed Setup and Optimization Service, with disapproved items going from 8% to 1%.


To find unbiased, real customers reviews, please visit Aten Software Reviews and Customer References. We never offer incentives to our customers to post reviews, although we do kindly ask from time to time.

Why use our Product Feed Service versus another app?

Improved ranking with higher data quality
Proprietary Smart Fields to improve size, color, gender, age group, and GTIN/UPC data quality.
Fully customizable
Customize your field mapping, filters, and scheduling, or request Free Programmed Simple Rules
Over 19 years of expertise in data feeds
We specialize in data feeds and only data feeds!
Exceptional technical support, including guidance for Google account suspensions and disapprovals
Expert phone and email support for all your feed-related questions
Questions? Contact us now
500,000 SKUs, one flat rate
We specialize in gigantic feeds with millions of SKUs. $3.00/month for each 500,000 SKUs overage.
Non-intrusive app/service
Our service only requires granting read-only catalog access, and makes no other changes to your store
We do not require access to your Google Merchant Center account.
Flexible billing
Entirely pay-as-you-go with no contracts. Unused credit is refundable upon cancellation (billing terms).

Simple Programming Rules are Free

Standard feeds include Simple Programming rules. You simply email us the rules you want implemented, and we hand-code these into your feed using best practices.

Example: Another feed provider might let you define a rule like /title/ = /brand/ + " " + /title/ via their cumbersome dashboard. If you ask us to do the same, we'll additionally ensure there's just one space between brand and title, remove trailing and leading white-space, convert all-caps text to title case, and make recommendations about including other fields in the title and description.

Result: Get better data quality in less time, with no need to learn a complex feed management interface!

Supported Shopping Channels for BigCommerce Stores

Use our feed service to extend the reach of your product ads by listing in additional pay-per-click advertising channels, or affiliate programs where you only pay per sale. Additional feeds are only $8.40 per month!

  • Amazon Marketplace Product Data Feed
  • Bing Ads Product Data Feed
  • Commission Junction Product Data Feed
  • Connexity/Shopzilla Product Data Feed
  • Facebook Product Ads Product Data Feed
  • Fruugo Product Data Feed
  • Google Local Inventory Product Data Feed
  • Google Shopping Product Data Feed
  • Google Shopping Product Data Feed
  • Houzz Product Data Feed
  • Pepperjam Product Data Feed
  • Pinterest Shopping Product Data Feed
  • ShareASale Product Data Feed
  • Wholesale Central Product Data Feed
  • View Most Popular (Recommended) Channels - support can be added for no charge if not listed above
  • View All Supported Channels

We can quickly configure support for any of our supported engines, as well as create customized feeds.

Standard Feed Plan Features

Plan Standard
SKUs Unlimited
(A small additional charge applies to feeds over 500,000)
Frequency Daily
Channels One
Contract None; Pay-as-you-go
Price 24.90/month
Complete Pricing Details
Feed Dashboard Included
Fixed Feed URL Included
Simple Programming Included
Smart Fields Included
Custom Attributes Unlimited
Granularity Variants by default
Monitoring Service Included (Google only)

Custom Feed Plan Features

Custom feed plans include all of the above Standard Feed Plan features, plus the ones listed below. Custom feeds are useful if you want to submit product data to specialty channels, or you require an inventory management feed to keep your store up-to-date.

Plan Custom
Scheduling Up to Hourly
Real-time Available
Destinations FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Third-party APIs
Output Formats XML, alternate character encodings
Supplemental Data Google Sheets, XML, XLSX/Excel, Third-party APIs
Inventory Management Sync inventory (BigCommerce and Turbify only)

How to Get Started

First, register an account. No credit card is needed to register, and your account will start with a free trial credit balance.

Then, option one is to choose our Feed Setup and Optimization service for a $49.00 one-time fee. Refer to our Google Feed Setup Checklist for instructions.

Alternatively, option two is to follow the do-it-yourself instructions in our Google Shopping Setup Guide.

Feel free to Contact Us if you need assistance.

To get started, please Register Today!
(Free Trial, No contract or credit card needed)