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Available Feed Scheduling Options: How often can I submit my feed?

Standard Feed Scheduling Options

The Standard feed plan has the following feed scheduling options included at no extra charge.

  • Daily (or Daily Plus) - Strongly recommended for all feeds
  • Triweekly - Mon/Wed/Fri
  • Biweekly - Tue/Sat
  • Weekly - Sundays
  • Monthly - 1st of month
  • Never - Disabled

Recommended Option

Daily (or Daily Plus for Turbify Stores) is recommended for all feeds for these reasons:

  • There are no extra charges for Daily (or Daily Plus) submission.
  • Ranking in search engines is maintained by keeping the feed fresh based on the last uploaded date, even if nothing has changed.
  • Issues with the feed are detected sooner.

Time of Day When Feeds Run

Feeds run in the overnight hours, approximately 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM Eastern time zone. In the case of a missed update (e.g. due to a widespread system issue), the feeds may be resubmitted during the daytime hours. You can view feed update history on the Manage Feed > View Feed Results page in your account.

See below for the 'Custom' scheduling option, which is available for an additional charge.

Custom Feed Scheduling Options

The Custom feed plan has the following feed scheduling options included at no extra charge. This scheduling option is available for Standard feeds for an additional charge of $3.00 per month.

  • Multiple times per day, up to Hourly*
  • At specific times of the day
  • On specific days of the week or month

* The 'Hourly' update may be limited for very large feeds, e.g. > 500,000 SKUs, due to the run time.

Send us your requirements and we can add the 'Custom' schedule option to your feed. There is no setup fee or commitment, and you can remove the option by simply emailing us.

High-Frequency / Real-Time Scheduling

Feed tasks are put into a background task queue, and run on a 'best effort' basis. During times of high system load, feed tasks could be delayed due to the size of the queue. The normal background queue is not suitable for feeds that need to run reliably at a set time, or at a high frequency.

A separate real-time queue is available for feeds with more demanding requirements. Please contact us for high-frequency and/or real-time scheduling options and pricing.

Manual Feed Updates

You can submit or refresh the feeds anytime via your account from the Tasks > Submit a Task page, in one button click.

There are no restrictions on when or how often you submit these tasks, and no extra charges.

Tasks submitted manually go into the 'user queue', which takes priority over any background tasks running on the system.



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Updated: June 6, 2023