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Quantity / bulk pricing and minimum quantity / unit pricing

Quantity / Bulk Pricing

Products sold in bulk:
Submit the price for the minimum number of products that you require a user to purchase.

Source: Product data specification : price: Definition

Based on the above, it follows that:

  • You can not submit the discounted price for a bulk quantity.
  • You can not submit the price for a single item if a minimum purchase greater than one is required.

Google provides no mechanism to submit bulk quantity pricing discounts, so you must submit the price for the lowest purchasable quantity.

Our system always submits the lowest of the regular price or sale price. If this price corresponds to the total price for the minimum purchase quantity, then there is no issue.

However, if the price is for a single item, and there is a minimum purchase requirement, then we can program the feed to multiply the price times the minimum purchase quantity in your catalog

We can also program the unit_pricing_measure and unit_pricing_base_measure fields.

For example, if you sell stationary in packs of 12, we can set unit_pricing_measure = 12 ct and unit_pricing_base_measure = 1 ct. If the price of the 12-pack is $12, then using this information, Google can display the price as $1.00 per ct.


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Updated: February 28, 2018