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Submitting duplicate copy of store to shopping engines is not allowed

All of the major comparison shopping engines have policies that prohibit merchants from submitting the same product listing multiple times via different stores under the same ownership. If they were to allow it, then the shopping engines would be full of spam and this would create a poor experience for shoppers.

Google Shopping enforces this policy by disapproving your listings without notice or explanation. Your account could be suspended in its entirety.

Using the Google network to gain an unfair traffic advantage in Shopping campaigns.
Examples: ... duplicate listings
(Google Shoppingn Policies - Abuse of the network)
Avoid submitting duplicate websites containing similar content to avoid account disapproval. Learn more about our policies on duplicate content.
(Set up a multi-client account)

Bing Shopping enforces this policy during the merchant review period when you first add your store to their merchant account. Your account will never be activated.

We have no control over feed disapproval by shopping engines, and provide no refunds of any kind due to feed disapproval due to policy violations, whether the reason for the disapproval is known or not.

We do not advise of and strongly discourage any workarounds for submitting listings multiple times via different stores or merchant accounts.

The only workaround we support is via product filtering and duplicate exclusion techniques. We can submit unique subsets of your products from each store, thereby ensuring that each product is only listed once.

For example, suppose Store A and Store B contain the same 200 items. We can submit 100 in the feed for Store A, and the other 100 in the feed for Store B. This will send some traffic to each store, and comply with Google policies.


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Updated: March 27, 2018