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How to integrate your shopping cart with our data feed engine

Our data feed engine can integrate with your shopping cart if it provides a source data feed file that meets the following technical requirements and specifications.

  • What to Include: Any and all item data should be exported (except sensitive information like cost, supplier name, etc.). See below for details.
  • Format: product data export file in flat-file format (e.g. tab-delimited, pipe-delimited, comma-separated; XML is also supported)
  • Preferred Format: Excel-compatible CSV preferred - comma-separated, double-quotes enclosure, and double-quote escape character, CR/LF or LF as line separator.
  • Header: The first line must be a header that describes the column names.
  • Column names can be anything, in any order. They can be renamed or rearranged at any time. There is no restriction.
  • Location: on a fixed/unchanging HTTP or FTP URL
  • Unbuffered: start sending data immediately without long delays
  • Headers: include an accurate, last-modified HTTP header. This is optional and not important
  • Submit one line for each variant, if applicable.
  • There is no size limit
  • Export must deliver the data as fast as possible (finish within 30 minutes)
  • Compress the file for improved performance and reliability. You can use any common compression format, like zip, gzip, etc. The archive file and contents can be named anything. All the files in the archive will be decompressed and merged verbatim into a single file.

Once you have prepared the above, all you would provide us is the link to the file and then we would set up your data feeds. We can also provide you with an FTP location where you can upload the file. Please contact us for a quote. Example URLs:

Content Guidelines

  • The product must be purchasable online from your website.
  • The following product information is recommended:
    • unique identifier (SKU, product ID, product code, etc.)
    • non-zero price
    • image URL, link, file name, or path
    • product URL, link, file name, or path
    • product name or title
    • product description or caption
    • product condition (new, used, or refurbished)
    • product availability (in stock, out of stock, etc.)
    • UPC (universal product code), EAN, or ISBN (if available)
    • manufacturer part number (MPN)
    • brand (or manufacturer)


System Questions

Updated: October 20, 2016