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How do I add fields or attributes to my data feed?

These instructions describe how to add fields or attributes to your data feed.

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Define Fields.
  2. Select Public | Catalog Field in the Add Field drop-down box, and click Add to go to the Add or Modify Field page.
  3. Enter the name of the field as you want it to appear in the feed in the Name box.
  4. If you have a Custom feed, select where you want the new field to be located in the Position drop-down box. The position defaults to the end of the feed. You can always move the field later from the Define Fields page.
  5. Leave the Default Value box blank. You can enter a value if you want something filled in automatically by our system when the value for the field in your catalog is blank.
  6. In the Field Name box, enter the name of the field from your catalog. You can also select it from the Available Fields drop-down box to auto-fill it.
  7. Select Enabled. If you select Disabled, the field will not be in the feed output file, but you can still view the data in our system and add filters on the field.
  8. Click Add to finish adding the field.
  9. Refresh the feed or resubmit the feed from the Manage Feed > Submit a Task page to generate a new feed file.

You can go to the Manage Feed > View Random Product to see a sample item listing and verify that the field showed up.

If you need HTML removed from the values, then select the Public | Catalog Field (HTML-stripped) field type.


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Updated: September 25, 2014