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How do I set up feeds to the shopping engines?

Below is an overview of the steps required to set up data feeds to the various shopping engines.

  1. Check our Supported Feeds page to see if we support the shopping engine.
  2. Click the 'Merchants' link there, and sign up for a merchant account with the shopping engine. (Please contact us if we do not support a particular site.)
  3. You may have to make a minimum purchase or meet other requirements of the shopping engine.
  4. Once your merchant account is approved, check our Support page for feed setup instructions for the engine, if available.
  5. Add the feed to your Aten account from 'My Account > Add Feed', configure any fields as needed, and then run your first submission.
  6. Contact the shopping engine or check your merchant account dashboard to see if the feed was processed correctly.

If you get stuck on any step, feel free to contact us. If you would like optimization/set-up assistance, you can submit an Express Setup Request, and we take care of the feed setup. You would still be responsible for obtaining the merchant account, configuring your merchant account, managing bids, etc.


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Updated: January 11, 2010