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I received a Data Feed Error Notice but my FTP settings are correct.

If your FTP settings were previously working, then you can generally ignore the emailed notice about the failed FTP attempt. The FTP servers are relatively unreliable, and often will fail to accept a login even though a correct user name and password are supplied. Our automated system makes multiple attempts when it encounters an FTP error. Our system will email you if all the attempts fail. This is a relatively common occurrence with all the shopping engines.

To view the historical results of processing tasks, just go to "Manage Feed > View Results". You can quickly spot one-time errors there. To test your FTP settings, simply click the "Manage Feed > Test Feed Settings" link. If you see "success", then the error was a temporary one and can be ignored.

Generally, you can ignore the error and simply let the system retry on the next scheduled submission. However, if you want to refresh your product listings immediately, just resubmit your data feed manually.


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Updated: October 19, 2011