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OpenCart to Google Shopping Feed Setup Instructions

We can set up an OpenCart feed for your store to Google Shopping, Bing, etc. There is no way to set up this feed from your account at this time. Please provide us the information below and we can set up the feed for you.

Our system connects directly to your MySQL database to read the product data required for the feed. It does not require API access or any API plugin.

For additional security, we suggest to create a separate MySQL user with read-only permissions to the database, instead of sending the MySQL user/pass used by OpenCart.

Required Information

MySQL Database Name
MySQL Server Host Name
MySQL User Name
MySQL Password
Store URL
Required. Example is

Optional Information

If known, please send the following optional information. Otherwise, we can assign defaults and adjust the settings as needed.

MySQL Server Port
Default is 3306 if unspecified
Table prefix
Optional, since we can determine this for you.
Language ID
Default is "1" if unspecified
Store ID
Default is "0" if unspecified
Customer Group ID
Default is "1" if unspecified

One prerequisite is that you must ensure incoming connections to your MySQL database server are permitted from our server IP address of You can send us the information above, and then we can let you know if there are any issues connecting to your MySQL database.


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Updated: December 9, 2022